Embodiment of Suffering - EP

by Demise of the King

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Released on 9/11/12


released September 11, 2012

Bob Lowrey - Lyrics and Vocals
Devin Stillwell - Guitars
Dacoda Torrance - Guitars
Ben Cotton - Drums
Aaron Simon - Bass

Recorded and mastered at Madden Studios by Cliffy Madden in January/February 2012



all rights reserved


Demise of the King Louisville, Kentucky

Blackened Death Metal from Louisville, KY

Full-length album coming summer 2014

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Track Name: Deification
i deny the blind faith you possess
my humanity requires a higher standard
i search for meaning within logic, not faith
attempt to indoctrinate; i will resist

i will abandon your religion

where is this god you serve
i do not feel his prescence
has he abandoned you
or was he always absent
my god resides within
no pulpits, no preachers
i am my only god

through the eyes of the pastor
i have fallen from grace
but what is grace
a lack of humanism

i am god

through indoctrination and slavery
the wars of man have been mislead

the moral fabric of our race
is not determined by god
but by man
Track Name: The Spawn of Manipulation
nameless faceless beings
gods to mortal man
descend upon the tribes of earth

a traveler, a predator
a scientist, we are their prisoner

i am only the past
we have no future

grafting flesh to flesh
contorting, searing humans
as labratory experiments we are kept
infected with disease
malnourished and docile
bred for transfiguration

the spawn of manipulation
creatures beyond time and space

the few surviving mortals crawl to the temporal device
escaping the prisons are their captors in the form of infection
the gray impregnate the origins of life on earth, forever sealing our fate
amino acids coaelesce to create earliest organisms
Track Name: Lament
endless torment
my mind disfigured

several thousand walking dead are fed to the machine
i have been reduced to a lubering pile of meat

my mind disfigured

fed to an insatiable machine
the dead return again and again
to the great beast

i have traded my will to live
for my need to survive

cycles: circling vultures
Track Name: Three Principal Annihilators
from beyond the confines of reality
three extra-planar beings; insatiably feasting
entwined with life and death
the annihilators
destroying the foundations a world torn apart
ravaged beyond recognition the death of this plane
three pillars of infinite power
three pillars of colorless power
in their image, the brood is created
reflections of abhorrent divinity
three pillars of endless destruction
devourers of mana